We’re here to help you affordably maintain your car. Taking good care of your car will not only help protect your investment, it will help keep you safer.

Basic maintenance includes simple things like checking fluid levels, changing the oil and keeping your tires pumped up with the right amount of air. These minor efforts go a long way.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Vehicle

Your car will last longer
The longevity of your engine rests on regular maintenance. It’s that simple. Regular oil changes are money in the bank compared to the cost of replacing it and related parts. Even keeping your car clean and waxed will help extend the life of your paint. The amount of time and money invested in maintenance is much less than what it takes to fix and replace things later.

Boost Performance
A poorly maintained car often gets poor mileage. Our state of the art diagnostic equipment and our ASE technicians are experienced in all aspects of auto repair and can make sure your car running optimally.

Save money
When maintenance is put off for too long, it ends up costing more to fix. For instance, replacing brake pads is significantly cheaper than replacing ruined brake calipers and rotors, which can get ruined when the pads are not replaced. A well maintained car is much less likely to break down, which also saves paying for towing services, car rental, and time lost away from work. It’s money in the bank and it honestly helps reduce stress.

A well maintained car is a safer car
Making sure your car stops when you need it to, and turns when it’s supposed to is essential to safety. Reducing the frequency of breakdowns also minimizes the possibility of your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere or on the freeway. Rotating your tires every other oil change will not only extend the life of the tires, it will help keep you and your passengers safe, as well as others on the road. When your car is safely maintained, you are less of a risk to others on the road.

Increase the resale value of your car
A car that has been well maintained and has regular service records has a higher resale value and is easier to sell.

Pride of ownership
Let’s face it, driving a clean, well-maintained car just feels good. And who knows, if you keep it long enough, it just may become a classic!