Tips to help save on high fuel prices

Tips to help save on high fuel prices Under inflated tires increase rolling resistance and waste gas – like driving with the parking brake not fully released. Keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance can improve gas mileage by an average of 4.1 percent. Fixing a serious maintenance problem, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, can […]

2013 Summer Newsletter

Letter from the President The long awaited redesign of our website is mostly finished and I’m very proud to say it looks fantastic. There are cool interactive surprises to play with (hint: move your mouse over the tachometer or up and down the steering wheel) along with plenty of useful information about how cars work. […]

2013 Spring Newsletter

We’d like to welcome Louise Roberts to our Swedish Engineering family. Her name may be familiar to some of you as she worked at Sheppard Motors back in the day, as well as another local Garage. We are lucky and blessed to have her join our staff. If you want to get her started, just […]

2013 Winter Newsletter

2013 Winter Newsletter Letter from the President I would like to start with a heart-felt thank you for all the kind thoughts and words from everyone of the loss of my mother. She will truly be missed. This just reinforces my appreciation of all the great customers as well as staff that surround my life. […]

2012 Fall Newsletter

2012 Fall Newsletter Tomatoes a plenty! It is a great year for our tomatoes but unfortunately not so good for Diana’s favorite (lemon cucumbers). We sure have had a dry and warm late spring and summer and are enjoying the rewards of watering almost every other day. When the rains do come, be prepared for […]

2012 Summer Newsletter

2012 Summer Newsletter Finally it looks like we may be getting some nicer weather. I was able to get my vegetable garden in and all are looking good and strong. It helps that I use my own mulch from my huge composter my son and I built a few years back. Hopefully by the fall […]

2012 Spring Newsletter

2012 Spring Newsletter Whew, what a rough last couple of years. Most of our clients believe for the most part that we are over the hump now. I foresee things getting back to normal, if there really was a normal. The only thing that I’m concerned with now is the cost of things had been […]

2012 Winter Newsletter

2012 Winter Newsletter It’s a new year with all the promises of better things to come. I hope all the best for our customers, friends and family. This is the time of year that it slows down for everyone and my staff takes advantage of it by taking their well deserved time off. We all […]

2011 Fall Newsletter

2011 Fall Newsletter Wow, what a busy summer! This was one of the busiest summers we have ever had, I think, due to the economy and the specials we ran. I want to thank everyone for their business and my staff for their diligence and hard work. We are expanding our services to most of […]

Summer 2011 Newsletter

Summer 2011 Newsletter We start another summer late and my tomatoes are trying to catch up for loss of sun and lots of rain. But there is nothing better than going to your garden and eating fresh off the vine. The shop is starting off the summer busy and if my predictions are correct, we […]