2012 Summer Newsletter

2012 Summer Newsletter

Finally it looks like we may be getting some nicer weather. I was able to get my vegetable garden in and all are looking good and strong. It helps that I use my own mulch from my huge composter my son and I built a few years back. Hopefully by the fall newsletter I will be able report back on how well things went.

Things have been going well here with Volvo, Subaru and the addition of the Lexus, Toyota, Acura, Honda, Infinity and Nissan lines. As what was expected the newer lines are slowly getting their percentage of our business. We started with Subaru about 5 years ago and its share of business is about 25%. Our sister company, Automotive Buying Consultants, is also going well for a fledgling start up. We have been able to match up good used cars with happy customers in need of reliable transportation. There is no better car than an older Volvo or Subaru for a young driver, safe; reliable and attractive.

If you haven’t been by in a few months, there are a couple of changes at the shop. First we have expanded our much needed parking in front of the office. Secondly, we are changing the front office area to make it more user-friendly. We are constantly trying to be better to make your experience with us as pleasant as it can be. We are seeing a lot of maintenance work being caught up. Everyone is starting to understand the importance of regular maintenance to the life and expense of their vehicles. It also helps that the economy is getting on a better foothold to allow people to afford such repairs. These repairs have allowed many of our customers to keep their cars longer with good reliability and not having to worry about the costs related to having to replace them. Please remember to look at the monthly specials on the back cover of this newsletter. They are a great source in saving money for the life of your car.

Please be safe and share a smile with someone. It really goes a long way. Thank you again for your patronage.
Ed Meza 541.685.0830 or ed@swedishwest.com

Tech Tips from Scott White

Dear All,
Well July is here and our windows of opportunity to get ready for the next rainy season are upon us. You know, paint the house and clean the fir needles, leaves, etc. from our roofs and gutters. Ever thought about your car and where all that same stuff that falls from the sky ends up? It varies from one model to another. But if you have an 850 or early body style (1998-2000) 70 series car the drains for the cowl and under the cowl will plug up. This will cause water to pour in around the fuse/relay box and flood your car. If you ever want your car dry before it molds or mildews, you need to remove seats and panels as necessary to remove carpet and pads. Even then it is tough to get the thick foam padding dry. Sound like the voice of experience? Just a heads up that will save a lot of money later and keep your car a much healthier environment for you. Another tip concerning the air quality in you car and your air-conditioning/ventilation is replacing your cabin/pollen filter every year or 15,000 miles. Getting back to the 850 model, there is a kit to install a cabin filter on those cars. Cheers—Scott

4 Ways To Get A Smart Summer Car Deal

In order to get a smart summer deal, you need to do some home work, especially because car prices are bumping up against record levels. Those super-attractive offers on television and online might not be available once you get to a showroom, unless you know what you’re up against. Here are four tips to success in summer car shopping:
1. Buy an outgoing model. There’s a reason why auto companies flood the airwaves with ads for certain models: they’re going away. In order to set the stage for the new versions of cars and trucks, they have to clear out the old ones. That means you’ll get a particularly good price if you don’t mind buying the current version and not waiting for the new one. For instance, Ford is offering a $169 a month lease on the 2012 Escape in some places, even as it is touting the 2013 Escape.
2. Have tip-top credit. Listen carefully to those summer deal ads, and you’ll hear the words, “well qualified buyers.” Usually, that means a top-level credit rating. Having a strong credit report allows you to access the very best offers. Conversely, if you’ve been hurt by a foreclosure or a short sale, and haven’t checked your credit rating lately, you might find yourself shut out of some of those well-advertised deals. Make sure you fix any errors before you go car shopping.
3. Shop for a winter car. It’s like buying an air conditioner in December. Unless you live in an area with heavy rains or strong winds, it isn’t likely you’ll be needing all-wheel drive during the summer. The same is true for big vehicles with four-wheel drive. But if you know you’ll need it down the road, summer can be a good time to shop for what many people think of as winter cars (as opposed to buying a convertible in the summer, when the demand is strongest).
4. Head out when the kids have gone back to school. Many parents want to have their new vehicle in the driveway for the new school year. Dealers can sense this when harried moms and dads arrive. But, hanging on until school resumes may give you more bargaining clout. There ought to be incentive plans running throughout August and September, giving you time to shop for what you really want rather than having to make a decision because school starts on Monday.

Hot Summer Days can be Hard on Your Car

• Run errands in the morning and evening hours and try to carpool whenever possible.
• Don’t run the car’s air conditioning in stop-and-go traffic. Roll down the windows.
• Leave extra space between your car and the vehicle in front of you so the engine is not drawing in hot exhaust.
• If the car’s temperature gauge starts to reach the ‘hot’ mark, turn the air conditioner off, roll down the windows and run the heater at full blast until the gauge returns to the ‘cool’ end.
• Heat kills batteries. Have the battery tested and replaced if necessary.
• Check the oil to make sure it’s at the full mark.
• Check the car’s coolant levels before leaving home. If it needs to be topped off, add a 50-50 mix of water and anti-freeze.
• Make sure your tires are in good condition and are properly inflated.
• Keep a charged cell phone with you, but don’t leave it or other electronics in the car, especially during the hottest part of the day.

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