2013 Summer Newsletter

Ed Meza, Owner of Swedish EngineeringLetter from the President

The long awaited redesign of our website is mostly finished and I’m very proud to say it looks fantastic. There are cool interactive surprises to play with (hint: move your mouse over the tachometer or up and down the steering wheel) along with plenty of useful information about how cars work. I want to give a great big Thank You to Della Perry and her company Ramble Bramble Design for the long hours and hard work in designing and developing this website. She has a sharp and creative mind, but her best quality may be her enduring patience. Thanks for checking out the new site, please let us know what you think.

The garden has gotten off to a great start with the early warm weather. We’ve been picking blueberries since mid June (the earliest ever). As much as I’ve been enjoying the early warmth, I’m concerned that the lack of water will catch up to us later in the growing season. I recently got a long-reach tree pruner, which I’ve never owned before and have decided is a wondrous tool.

My wife Diana has been helping with the “Bark In The Park” event for several years now. It has grown a lot and it’s impressive to see all the dogs and owners together at this wonderful event. It’s one of the major fund raisers for Greenhill Animal Shelter. Diana’s team of volunteers gets bigger and every year and we are very proud of all the great work that goes into it.
With the addition of the new lines we work on (Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Nissan and Infiniti), we may be looking for another talented technician to join our family. Be assured that we will go to great lengths to find someone who measures up to our high standards.
Ed Meza 541.685.0830 or ed@swedishwest.com

Tech Tips with Scott White

Scott WhiteOh the wonders of pollen. Not sure if I took my allergy meds this morning or not. I drove my Volvo instead of riding my motorcycle to work, and so I have A/C and a pollen/cabin filter to make trip much more pleasant. This brings up the question of when the last cabin filter replacement on your car took place. Under normal conditions it is recommended that it be changed once a year or every 15K miles. Your car’s ventilation will be at it’s optimum level and the blower fan motor won’t be overloaded trying to move air through a restricted filter. Also if you have any doubts as to whether you’re A/C has a full charge, we just happen to have a new Robinair 34788 recovery, recycling, recharging unit.
I hope everyone is having a nice summer.
Sincerely, Scott

Summer Car Care Tips

  1. If you have not visited your service facility (which is Swedish Engineering most certainly) in the last six months, it is time for a visit. Ask for a safety check. A well maintained car also gets better gas mileage.
  2. Have the oil changed. Regular oil changes can double the life of your car.
  3. Check your tires. Summer heat can affect the performance of your tires. Ask your service facility to let you know how much tread life you have left on the tires. An extremely worn tire can make stopping difficult. Check the tire pressures so that you get the best wear for your tires and better gas mileage.
  4. Don’t run your car down to empty. You put yourself in a risky situation that you may run out of gas while driving. Imagine getting stuck on the beltway, because you run out of gas. You could do additional damage to the fuel system which could be very costly.
  5.  Don’t wait to have that noise checked. You drive the car everyday, if you hear a strange noise, get it checked. Small problems can turn into really big expensive problems quickly.
  6. Have your air conditioning system checked. A marginally operating air conditioning system is likely to fail during hot summer months.
  7. A dirty, streaky or smeared windshield can be a hazard. Replace worn wiper blades and replenish windshield washer solvent.
  8. April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring: Pollen! The pollen that is covering your car is also being circulated through your vents. Have the air filter and all other filters check or replaced.
  9. The greatest number of breakdowns occur during summer travel is due to overheating. Check the level and condition of your coolant. Remember to never remove the radiator cap until the engine is thoroughly cooled. Last but not least, give your car a good cleaning. Clean out all the trash on the floor and in the pockets, vacuum the interior and then wash it. It just feels so good driving around in a clean car, doesn’t it? And have a great summer!

Your Child’s Birthday Coming Up? How About a Porsche Go-Kart?

Porsche’s latest vehicle weighs 55 lbs, sports one seat and could build brand loyalty long before its driver understands the difference between a Porsche 911 and a Nissan Versa. Hot-shoe shennanigans can now start with five-year-olds in the Porsche camp thanks to the new toy. As is the case with anything bearing the Stuttgart brand’s badge, high quality parts go toward a product based on “Porsche Intelligence Performance.” Composite wheel rims with “simulated” center locks are shod in low profile inflatable tires with inner tubes. No ordinary seat will do. Instead, Porsche outfits its “Driver’s Selection Go-Kart” with a specific sport seat. Standard equipment also includes both a pedal brake and hand brake to “ensure optimal deceleration.” Potential drivers must weight less than 110 lbs and can’t be any taller than five feet. The toy costs $900 and is available through Porsche’s online store.

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